Nio Reveals New EC7 & ES8 Electric SUVs

It was a groundbreaking day in Hefei, China, on December 24th. NIO Day 2022 brought together an ecstatic crowd of fans of intelligent electric vehicles, eagerly awaiting the official launch of the EC7 flagship coupe SUV and the ES8 – a luxurious all-around smart electric SUV. Crafted with their second-generation platform, these models demonstrated a creative design complete with a careful focus on comfort, performance, intelligence, safety, and sustainability for road trips and city driving. These latest updates from NIO prove that smart electric cars are driving car engineering to untapped heights — and beyond.

It’s been a competitive few weeks in the electric SUV market, with some significant players revealing their newest designs. Nio, an up-and-coming Chinese electric car manufacturer, recently stepped into the fray by announcing two new vehicles – the EC7 and redesigned ES8. With powerful engines, fresh looks, and innovative features to boot, these cars look set to be real game-changers for the industry. Read on to find out all you need about Nio’s latest offerings!

Nio continued to push the boundaries of electric vehicles with the launch of two new SUVs – the EC7 and redesigned ES8. Both cars are designed to appeal to a wide range of customers, offering high performance, luxury amenities, and an impressive suite of safety features. Let’s take a closer look at these incredible electric vehicles.


The Nio EC7 is an affordable, four-door electric SUV that combines sleek styling with sporty performance. Its exterior design has been carefully crafted to make a statement on the road, while its interior offers a spacious and comfortable cabin for up to five passengers. Under the hood, it packs a 70 kWh battery and dual motors with up to 320 kW power output for a 0-60 time of just 5.6 seconds. It also includes standard features such as NOMI Mate AI assistant, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), and an onboard entertainment system.

Nio Reveals New EC7 & ES8 Electric SUVs

The redesigned ES8 is Nio’s second generation seven-seater flagship all-electric SUV powered by an 84 kWh battery pack and dual motor system that produces up to 480 kW power output for zero-to-60 acceleration in 4.4 seconds.

The ES8 features several improvements over its predecessor, including reduced weight, improved noise reduction, increased storage space, an upgraded infotainment system with support for facial recognition login/payment authentication, and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). It also comes standard with NOMI Mate AI assistant technology that can control various vehicle functions and settings through voice commands or gestures.

In addition to these two vehicles, Nio also offers energy services such as mobile charging solutions and battery swapping services that allow customers to quickly swap out their depleted batteries for freshly charged ones in under three minutes at one of their designated battery swapping stations.


The newest electric car model, the EC7, offers more than just zero-emissions motoring. It also comes with a surprisingly attractive price tag. At its most affordable, the price starts at 418,000 renminbi (approximately $60,000) and includes a wide range of features that help to make driving more accessible and more enjoyable.

However, if you want to get the most out of your new ride, it’s worth upgrading to the 75-kWh battery included package for an additional 488,000 renminbi ($70,000). All in all, it’s worth considering the EC7 for its excellent value and environmental impact.

The ES8 is the latest flagship of Nio’s expansive fleet of electric vehicles, and there’s much to love. Not only does it come with either a standard battery or an optional 75kWh subscription-based battery, but its starting price of 458,000 Renminbi (around $65,800) gives customers plenty of bang for their buck.

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Alongside the ES8’s low price tag is its export to foreign markets such as Europe and its plan to enter over two dozen countries by 2025. As Nio continues to make waves on the market and celebrate milestones like their 300,000th car assembly, they are ensuring their EV line remains desirable and accessible worldwide.

EC7 vs. redesigned ES8

Nio has recently unveiled its new EC7 electric car and a redesigned ES8 crossover. The EC7 is the first of Nio’s mass-market vehicles, while the updated ES8 features new interior features, improved safety ratings, and a more effective battery option.

The EC7 is based on the existing ES6 but is designed to be more affordable and feature a range of new interior and exterior features. The EC7 has an all-aluminum body, a range of up to 310 miles (500 kilometers) on a single charge, and a maximum power output of 544 horsepower. It also comes with Nio’s advanced Level 3 autonomy system, which allows the car to drive itself in particular circumstances without any input from the driver.

The updated ES8 crossover offers many of the same features as its predecessor. Still, it boasts improved safety ratings—like lane departure warning systems and automatic emergency braking technology—and a more effective battery option that boosts the vehicle’s range up to 321 miles (515 kilometers).

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It also includes Nio’s latest in-car entertainment and navigation systems, which feature voice control and a high-definition touchscreen. The EC7 and updated ES8 come with Nio’s subscription service, allowing customers to pay for access to their car’s services every month instead of having to purchase them outright.

Nio has made great strides in developing its electric vehicles over the past few years, and the new EC7 and updated ES8 are just two more steps forward. With their innovative designs, improved safety ratings, and range of features, these cars are sure to be popular among EV enthusiasts.


Nio continued to be at the forefront of electric vehicle technology with its new EC7 and redesigned ES8 SUVs launch. With their combination of high-performance specs, luxurious amenities, cutting-edge safety features like ADAS and facial recognition login/payment authentication support on the ES8, plus innovative energy services like mobile charging solutions and battery swapping services – there’s no doubt that these vehicles have something unique to offer any EV enthusiast or those looking for an efficient way to get around town without sacrificing style or comfort!