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How to Become a Car Buyers Contributor

– The Quick and Dirty Guide To Become A Guest Blogger

Want to become an authority in the Automotive industry? We want you.

It’s easy to become a blog contributor, quality is the most important factor.


Write an awesome / unique post around the automotive industry.This is the most important factor when submitting your post. If your post is not unique it will not be published. Don’t just write to get published write because you feel what you have to say can help readers. I’m a huge fan of practical, actionable steps, but anything that provides good value to the audience is great.

Generally speaking as a TIP: List posts do great.


Do some research to find out if the subject you want to write about has been done already

This step is important because it shows us and the Car Buyers Info editors that you’re serious and your post is not just for self-promotional purposes. It gives good vibes.

And at this point you need all the good vibes you can get!


Give your article post real purpose for readers. Self-promotional posts are not articles that we want to publish at the moment.


Submit your post to the Car Buyers Info team, the best way you can do that is by emailing direct at hello @

If you don’t hear within a week, then send a follow-up message to our team. We usually reply within 3 days.

And if you still don’t get a reply, or the Car Buyers Info content management team doesn’t accept your post, DO NOT LOSE HOPE. I repeat,

Write another article and send another pitch. They are not going to blacklist you just because they didn’t accept your first post. Keep on trying.

We look forward to hearing from you