Mercedes Avatar Concept Car

Ready to take a peek into the future? Mercedes-Benz unveiled their ‘Avatar’ concept car at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, showcasing how technology and design can come together for an unprecedented driving experience. Let’s take a closer look at this sleek and futuristic automobile.

The Mercedes AVTR concept car was on full display recently, with the team hosting a demonstration that wowed those in attendance. Inside a cockpit buck separate from the actual car, the team painstakingly showed off some of the technology contemplated for the vehicle.

Among their features is an entire dashboard illuminated to deliver necessary information and guidance, courtesy of overhead projectors. A centre control knob between driver and passenger, this unique feature enables either to manoeuvre the car by moving it forward or backward as desired, in addition to shifting left or right.

The four electric motors inside each wheel offer more than regular adjustments; they can be operated independently, facilitating crabbing sideways or turning virtually within their wheelbase if needed. It is clear that a lot of hard work has gone into making this advanced utility vehicle a reality, and it is sure to be received well when released in 2021.

Mercedes Avatar Concept Car

The Design

The Mercedes Avatar Concept Car is a hybrid of an SUV and a coupe, with its sloping roofline blending seamlessly with its tall body. The exterior also features intricate details such as laser headlights, chrome accents, and unique wheel designs. Inside this vehicle is where you will find the most jaw-dropping features.

An advanced AI system allows for voice control of multiple functions, such as temperature, music, and navigation. This can be done by speaking directly to the car or your smartphone app. Additionally, personalized settings allow passengers to customize their seating position, climate control settings, music selection, interior lighting level and more—all within just one click on their phone!

Mercedes has also incorporated augmented reality technology into their ‘Avatar’ concept car. Drivers can use the AR display to adjust the speed limit or view road hazards before they are visible in real life—allowing for an even safer driving experience.

In terms of performance capabilities, this concept vehicle is equipped with an electric powertrain that provides up to 469 horsepower with zero emissions! It can also reach 0-60 mph in less than five seconds, making it a powerhouse on the roads.

Organic battery technology

Organic battery technology is revolutionizing the automotive industry, allowing for resources to be used in a more sustainable and eco-friendly manner. The VISION AVTR from Mercedes-Benz takes organic cell chemistry, powered by graphene-based batteries, to create a powerful and compact electric drive.

By forgoing metals such as rare and toxic earth, this renewable resource is free of fossil fuels, and its recyclability further reduces the pollution created by car production. This ground-breaking technology exemplifies the importance placed on creating a future circular economy with efficacy and sustainability at its core.

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And the company is just getting started. Mercedes has announced they are pushing into electric vehicles with a battery pack that uses graphene-based organic cell chemistry. It can be produced without any rare earth minerals or other toxins and is recyclable. The result: With a capacity of 100 kilowatt-hours, you can get behind the wheel and charge for only 15 minutes.

So no matter the temperature outside, you’ll never have to worry about leaving your car out in the heat or sacrificing your adventure due to a lack of juice. You may want to dress up as Ironman, but with this new technology, it’s close to becoming a reality.

Masterpiece of efficiency

Devising a masterpiece of efficiency is no easy feat in the automotive industry, but Mercedes-Benz still needs to push the limits to create extraordinary vehicles. In addition to its drive concept, the carmaker considers other areas such as digitalisation, secondary consumer performance and energy supply.

To reduce energy consumption per computing operation, computer chips are continually being developed and improved to meet the requirements of modern technology. By incorporating sensors and artificial intelligence into their cars, they further strive for greater efficiency with their neuro-inspired approach, like VISION AVTR. Those innovative steps feature dedicated neuromorphic hardware, providing only a few watts of energy for all components involved, making it an engineering marvel worth appreciating.

Intuitive control

Intuitive control is an exciting and innovative feature of the VISION AVTR. Its control unit does not require interaction from the driver besides placing their hand on the centre console, thus establishing a biometric connection between man and vehicle. Furthermore, its digital neurons uniquely visualise energy and information flowing throughout the car, from the external grille to the rear area.

Even in motion, the vehicle’s exterior will shift to reflect this dynamic flow, creating a heightened awareness of its environment thanks to the intuitive control system. This truly revolutionizes how drivers will experience their cars in the future.

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Trying out the AVTR’s steering abilities is a strange and great experience. From inside the car, it feels like a game when driving with rear-wheel steering on top of its ability to crabwalk at an angle of up to 30 degrees.

On the other hand, it appears pretty bizarre for people looking from the outside. Even when not driving, the infotainment system integrated into its Y-shaped dashboard makes it stand out from more regular vehicles. Its projection technology displays a beautiful representation of the landscape on Pandora to complete this truly unique experience.


The Mercedes Avatar Concept Car combines innovative technology with sleek design—taking us one step closer to our dream of having cars that drive themselves! Its advanced AI system allows for effortless voice control, while augmented reality technology adds an extra layer of safety. With up to 469 horsepower under its belt, this electric powertrain empowers drivers with both performance capabilities and zero emissions – making it a win-win situation all around! Car enthusiasts can be sure that this concept vehicle will push automotive innovation forward for years.