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The Italian Alfa Romeo is a ‘luxury’ brand intimately tied with its parent business, Fiat. Many of its engines, transmissions and ‘platforms’ are shared with Fiat, but Alfa’s style is unmistakable. We teach you everything you need to know about Alfa Romeo vehicles, including their dependability. Tens of thousands of car owners, especially Alfa Romeo Great Neck owners, were polled. This means we can tell you how trustworthy the Alfa brand is.

It evokes power, beauty, heritage, and an exoticism not found in most autos. Alfa Romeo – A Heritage of Excellence

Since its humble beginnings in 1910, Alfa Romeo has been synonymous with iconic design, legendary performance, and innovative engineering. Today’s automobiles maintain Alfa Romeo’s fundamental values, providing an efficient balance of power and weight and distinctive Italian elegance.

Alfa Romeo of Great Neck invites you to experience the exhilarating response and elegant artistry that distinguishes every Alfa Romeo. While Alfa Romeo models rise in dependability, our service center is perfectly equipped to handle all of your maintenance and repair requirements.

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Our team of service experts includes an Alfa Romeo master technician who is available to answer any questions you may have about the dependability of Alfa Romeo cars.

How Reliable Are Alfa Romeo Great Neck Cars?

Every year, we conduct an annual car survey in which tens of thousands of customers tell us about their current vehicle and its dependability. We have reliable data for new cars up to four years old, used cars between five and nine years old, and vintage automobiles 10-15 years old based on comments from current Alfa Romeo owners.

The return of Alfa Romeo to the United States has been an enormous success, with all models immediately becoming favourites among drivers across the country. The Alfa Romeo Giulia has been selected Motor Trend’s 2018 Car of the Year, a testament to the superb workmanship, build quality, and exhilarating driving experience found on every Alfa Romeo.

As buyers through Alfa Romeo stores, many questions about a critical aspect of any ownership experience – car reliability. Alfa Romeo of Great Neck NY has put together this brief guide to show that Alfa Romeo vehicles not only have seductive beauty and powerful performance but are also engineered to high standards for exceptional dependability.

How much do Alfa Romeo cars cost?

Alfa Romeo’s larger vehicles such as the Giulia and Stelvio, which often cost more than $30,000. Actual performance vehicles, such as the 4C two-seater and powerful ‘Quadrifoglio’ versions of the Giulia and Stelvio, cost well over $50,000. Alfa Romeos have not always retained their worth well. As a result, lease deals are slightly more expensive than competitors brands.130863206 431404188236308 5272648137975476087 n Buying An Alfa Romeo Great Neck NY

Top Reasons why you should consider an Alfa Romeo

We thought it would be appropriate to explain what Alfa Romeo is all about and why you should consider one the next time you’re in the market for a luxury automobile.


Alfa Romeo has a signicant advantage: heritage. Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili (“ALFA”) was founded on the outskirts of Milan in 1910. In 1915, Italian engineer and industrialist Nicola Romeo purchased the brand, giving rise to Alfa Romeo. Throughout its history, the company has created numerous iconic vehicles and connected with renowned engineers and design studios like Pininfarina.

It’s fascinating to learn that Enzo Ferrari, the Ferrari brand’s originator, drove for Alfa Romeo and managed their racing teams during the 1920s and 1930s. It has also been stated that Henry Ford admired the brand’s vehicles and would say, “When I see an Alfa Romeo go by, I tip my hat.”

There’s a reason why renowned brands are trusted, aside from their inherent quality, they’ve been perfecting their skill and held in high esteem for a long time.


Few people prefer to show up to work wearing the same shirt, watch, and shoes as their coworkers. This desire for individuality and distinctiveness is just as crucial for many people when acquiring a premium vehicle. Given the enormous number of German and American rivals on the road and the significant investment such vehicles command, Alfa Romeo’s originality and rarity are probably one of the brand’s most significant selling advantages.

Attention To Detail

Regarding Alfa Romeo, exclusivity means more than just a small number of automobiles on the road. Alfa Romeos are one-of-a-kind vehicles. One-of-a-kind. “Alfa’s” stand out in a world of conformity, whether it’s the distinctive grille, eye-catching badge, or superb engine.

Alfa Romeo automobiles have an extraordinarily distinct design language that prioritizes aspects that are difficult to measure. Of course, the brand employs cutting-edge technology and features, but the real emphasis is on subtleties such as road feedback, comfort, passion, and emotion. Alfas are made to liven up your life, not just full checklist!


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Motorsport Pedigree

Alfa Romeo’s heritage is not limited to tradition and notable gures, the company also has a great racing history. In 1911, Alfa Romeo began producing racing cars, successful in the most renowned motorsports events.

Alfa Romeo holds the record for the most Mille Miglia victories and is still involved in the event’s commemorative running. Alfa Romeo has also succeeded in endurance and touring car racing, the Alfa Romeo 155 holds the record for the most racing victories in the prestigious German Touring Car Championship (DTM), and Alfa Romeo cars have won 17 European Touring Car Championships and four Le Mans 24 Hours.

Alfa Romeo has won hundreds of trophies in the Sports and Touring racing divisions. Finally, Alfa Romeo stands out for winning the first Formula One World Championship in 1950. The brand is back chasing glory in the highest motor racing category this year as a title partner to the Sauber F1 Team. They are good: real good.

Aside from Alfa Romeo’s legacy and rarity, there’s another compelling reason to consider acquiring one: Alfa Romeo creates pretty amazing vehicles! The Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio is now the quickest SUV to lap the Nürburgring. At the same time, the Giulia has soundly defeated competitors in numerous competitions, including being named one of Car and Driver’s Ten most excellent cars of 2018 and the 2018 Motor Trend Car of the Year. That isn’t simply beating the competition; it is beating all of them.

Finally, there is no scarcity of solid options for luxury vehicle purchasers. So, why did the Wyant Group go to such lengths to bring Alfa Romeo to Saskatoon and Saskatchewan? This demonstrates the Wyant Group’s insight that originality, distinctiveness, and identity are also important to clients in this sector. This is something Alfa Romeo Great Neck emphasizes — and achieves exceptionally well.

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