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    jim harvey

    Orlando McLaren, is a car dealership which all other car dealerships should model themseleves after. I scheduled an appointment with Javed, who is their lead sales specialist (and what a specialist he is) to see a 2020, 570S Spider they had on the floor. They gave me the “red carpet” treatment from the momment I walked inside.

    These people know how to treat folks, let me tell you. The sales manager, Leah Smeenk and GM, Tom Roach were thoughtful enough to come over and politely introduce themselves. It was without a doubt the most enjoyable afternoon that I had spent at a car dealership. The team that is Orlando McLaren, makes you feel so at home, it is difficult to know if I enjoyed the people or the cars more.

    No, I did not buy that 570S that day, but I can tell you, I will be back in the near future and I bet there will be a sale. If you too, want a different experience in exotic cars, go visit Orlando McLaren and see for yourself.


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