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It’s midday, and you’re wondering about your next weekend getaway. The wind is at your back, the sun is setting, and your hair has become a wild mass due to wind, speed, and a fantastic motorcycle helmet.

Steve Hall, the founder of Vanderhall Motor Group, had a similar vision. Steve, an admirer of the original Morgan 3 Wheeler, set out to “create a vehicle that nods to the past while pushing into the future.” And he accomplished just that in 2016. The first vehicle was called the Laguna, while the second, more inexpensive three-wheeler was called the Venice.

Hall’s fantasy becomes a reality, changing ordinary weekend drives into thrilling adventures. If that isn’t enough, here are three more reasons to consider renting a Vanderhall Venice:

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The Specs

The Vanderhall Venice is a reverse trike, a three-wheeled car, an autocycle, or whatever current designation you prefer. It has two wheels in front and one wheel in back.

A proven 1.4-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine powers Vanderhall Venice’s two front wheels. The body frame weighs only 1,375 pounds and is composed of an innovative patented chassis and lightweight composite body shell.

It generates 185 horsepower using a six-speed sequential transmission. The Venice can go from zero to 60 mph (97.6 km/h) in under 4.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 140 mph (225 km/h) because of its incredible power-to-weight ratio. That is impressive – and not just to the casual observer.

Explore in style driving a three-wheel car

With a (relatively) low price tag, the Vanderhall Venice entices car aficionados with the style and adventure that the three-wheeled vehicle evokes.

But what exactly is a Vanderhall Venice? Is that a motorcycle or a car? Everything depends on who you ask. The Vanderhall Venice is essentially a two-seater with an open cockpit, side-by-side seating, no-frills, and all attitude.

Costs of ownership

The Vanderhall Venice starts at $29,950, while the Speedster starts at $26,950, making it the most economical Vanderhall model.

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The Speedster

The Venice Speedster is built to the exact specifications as the Vanderhall Venice, except for the seats. The Speedster only has one seat, whereas the original has two. It produces 180 horsepower and 185 pound-feet of torque, so it’s no wimp.

Get your Very Own Three Wheel Trike at Vanderhall New York

Do you want to find a Vanderhall dealer? Vanderhall is a very new brand. Thus there aren’t many. Vanderhall New York is one of the only sellers, if not the entire state of New York. Call 518-456-2222 to set up a test drive, or stop by Bul Auto Sales to view the latest models and see why Vanderhall is the hottest new vehicle on the road.

Have you been considering purchasing a Vanderhall three-wheel trike? It’s a genuinely eye-catching vehicle, with its sleek, car-like body shape, open seating and low suspension. A Vanderhall is classified as a motorbike. However, it rides more like a car, with two front wheels and one rear wheel.

This format sets it apart from other three-wheel trikes on the market. Do you believe you’re ready to purchase one? Here’s a step-by-step guide to buying a Vanderhall.

Step 1: Test Drive. It would be best if you drove a Vanderhall three-wheel tricycle to ensure that you genuinely want one. Locate a Vanderhall dealer and take a test drive (yes, a Vanderhall has an actual steering wheel). Take it for a spin on the highway. The steering, brakes, gears, and acceleration should all be tested. As you glide over the asphalt, feel the wind in your hair.

Step 2: Choose a Model. Vanderhall produces four models: Venice, Speedster, Edison, and Carmel. The Venice is the standard two-seater vehicle with a turbocharged gas engine, which is also available with the Grand Touring Package. Carmel is a luxury model with added comfort and design amenities. The Speedster is the only one-seater vehicle and is also the most affordable. Finally, Edison is an electric model with enough power and speed on the road.

Step 3: Purchase/Finance it. That’s fantastic if you’ve saved enough money to buy your Vanderhall outright. However, if you haven’t already, funding is accessible. You can look into auto finance through your financial institution or the dealership. Look for low borrowing rates and be prepared to undergo a credit check. Generally, the higher your credit score, the lower the interest rate you can qualify for. However, don’t let credit concerns keep you from applying for loans. There are options for funding a wide range of personal financial issues.

Step 4: Enjoy it Safely. You’re ready to take your Vanderhall three-wheel tricycle out on the open road once you’ve acquired financing and signed all relevant papers. When riding your trike safely, you should always use the seatbelts that come with it. Helmets are not required due to Vanderhall’s car-like body shape, which provides more protection. Before you take your Vanderhall out on the motorway, practise on back roads to get a feel for how it handles. Before you leave, check the weather for comfort and road conditions.

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Choose the Vanderhall-Venice that speaks to you

There are three Vanderhall Venice trims, each with its individuality, according to the Vanderhall Motor Group website. All you have to do is make a decision.

While each trim is distinct, they all have the same features. The Vanderhall Venice’s all-aluminium unibody frame is produced using a novel, sophisticated way of construction, a technology that allows each hand-made car to be built with extreme precision.

Vanderhall-Black Jack

If you want intrigue and drama, the Venice Blackjack might be the correct choice for you. The “Venice Blackjack is a menacingly beautiful way to begin your Vanderhall experience,” according to the Vanderhall website.

Vanderhall-Venice GT

The Grand Tourer or GT Trim has everything that comes standard on the Venice, plus a few significant upgrades like the bump shifter, Saxony Brown V-Tex inside, expanded front fenders, rear fender, and stainless mirror brackets.

In addition to the three Vanderhall Venice trims, the Edison, Vanderhall’s first vehicle, and the more opulent Carmel are available.


The Vanderhall Venice is the group’s mainstay. This classic-looking three-wheeler has been dubbed “art on wheels,” a hotrod reminiscent of a simpler time. Almost everyone will agree that it is just simple C-O-O-L. That is something you can never go wrong with.

The Vanderhall Venice is powered by an inline four-cylinder (I-4) engine with Variable Valve Timing (VVT) (VVT). To add to the excitement, a new colour palette for the Vanderhall Venice will be available in 2020.

In a Vanderhall-Venice, there is greater joy and freedom

There are numerous other reasons to drive a Vanderhall Venice. But words can only go you so far. To appreciate the experience, climb in and try it for yourself.

But, be warned: you’ll need to find a means to limit your afternoon fantasizing. Because once you’ve felt the freedom and delight of driving the Vanderhall Venice, you won’t be able to think about anything else.


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